Get the Best Kona Coffee: Buy Direct

Enjoy 100% Real Kona coffee every day in your home, office or restaurant. It's even better when you buy direct from KCFA member farms. Discover the farms that grow one of the most prized coffees on the planet.

  • Peak freshness.
  • Greater selection.
  • Lower prices.
  • Coffee hobbyists can purchase beans in all stages of the process: parchment, green or fully roasted.

  • Supports Kona coffee farmers!

To purchase direct from a coffee farmer, click on one of the farms below or use our Search to find exactly what you are looking for. Put that sweet, rich flavor of Kona on your table today!

Meet Our Members

Growing Kona coffee is a labor of love. It’s a passion (some might say an obsession) to grow the world’s most famous coffee bean. From an enthusiast with an acre to a family-run 5 acre coffee farm, KFCA supports the mission of the collective and stands behind each unique farmer.