Event Details

A second workshop on Coffee Fermentation with added yeast has been scheduled for Tuesday 10/10 at the CTAHR offices at 4pm. It will be led by Kevin McHale of Scott Labs and there will be a demo with pulped coffee.
Fermentation is a key part of the pulping process.  Properly done, many experts feel it can beneficially add to a cupping score.  Improperly done, it can ruin your coffee.  On small farms, getting the process right can be a challenge because of the many variables, including small lots, cool temperatures, equipment, water quality and a host of other reasons.  Other regions around the world have begun to control this process through commercial yeasts that guarantee a consistent and controlled fermentation, not unlike the wine and beer processes.
Adding commercial yeasts shortens the ferment process (to only 4 hours).  Any additional time in the tank (up to 30 hours) will allow the yeast to interact positively with the sugars inside the bean.  KCFA advises that Scott Labs is selling a product.  However, there is no obligation to buy and the information has a general benefit.