Foremost, membership and participation in the Kona Coffee Farmers Association support the continued quality and heritage of 100% Kona Coffee and the farmers who produce it.

Benefits for All Members:

  • Access to all Board Meeting Minutes.
  • Our award winning monthly e-newsletter, The Independent Voice, features news about the latest trends in coffee farming and marketing, legislative initiatives, KCFA member activities and much more.
  • Alerts about breaking news of interest to KCFA members.
  • Power, as you join other KCFA members to build a stronger voice for the farmers of Kona coffee!

Types of Memberships

KCFA offers three memberships to include all stakeholders of the Kona coffee community. Voting Members are the core of KCFA and are comprised solely of Kona coffee farmers. Supporting Business and Associate Memberships are for non-farming entities and individuals important to the success of Kona coffee.

Voting Member

KCFA is by and for Kona coffee farmers, who make up the entirety of the voting membership. This ensures that the organization will always keep its focus on the success of farmers and the Kona coffee product.

Additional Benefits

Free listing on Buy Direct from the Farmer web page

We offer a free link to your website in our Buy Direct listing on our website. Choose to be contacted by telephone, email or a direct link to your website to get more sales! If you don’t have a website, KCFA can help you make one at no cost as a member benefit. Login anytime to update your listing.

Free Farmer-to-Farmer Classified Ads

Post something for sale, something you want to buy, help you need or help you can offer. Almost anything can be posted; it doesn’t have to be coffee-related.

Kona Coffee Farmers Association Seal Program

Purchase 100% Kona Coffee seals for your Kona-grown products, only available to KCFA members.

Education and Training

Excellent farming demonstrations and hands-on training, plus access to the growing library of coffee farming books and exclusive KCFA Best Practice Guides. Guides include:

  • Economic Analysis of coffee farming w/ coffee production analysis spreadsheet (Excel format)
  • Planting Panel Notes
  • Pruning Practices
  • Coffee Mucilage
  • Drying and storing of coffee
  • Fertilizer Bag Construction Link

Sales Opportunities

KCFA offers special members-only sales opportunities.


  • Any coffee farmer who owns or leases land in South Kona or North Kona.
  • Receives the majority of coffee-related income from the sale of coffee grown on above mentioned land.
  • Must agree to support the KCFA Mission.
  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Eligible to be elected to serve on the Board of Directors.
  • No proxy votes, you must be present to vote.


  • Individual - $30/year
  • Co-Op (2 owners per farm) - $45/year
  • Lifetime - $750

Supporting Business

Some businesses are an integral part of the Kona coffee family, even though they aren’t farmers. We welcome their membership and participation as Supporting Business Members.

Additional Benefits

Put Your Business in Front of KCFA Members with a Supporting Business Listing

Your supporting business membership identifies you to KCFA farmers as a supporter of 100% Kona coffee. Your ad, which may include a link to your business website, your logo, and a 50 character description, makes it easy for Kona farmers to find you and patronize your business.

Supporting Business Member Seal

Supporting businesses (and farming members) have the exclusive rights to display our 100% Kona Coffee Guarantee for Business Members seal.


  • Any business or organization that supports 100% Kona coffee and the KCFA’s Mission.
  • A Supporting Business Member may be located in any region of the world, and is invited to participate in all general meeting and events of the KCFA.
  • A Supporting Business Member may not vote or serve on the Board of Directors.


  • Individual - $35/year
  • Lifetime - $750

Associate Member

Associate members are those who support 100% Kona coffee and the KCFA Mission and initiatives to protect and preserve the Kona coffee heritage. Associate members from anywhere in the world are welcome.

Additional Benefits

Supporting 100% Kona coffee

Satisfaction of supporting 100% Kona coffee and furthering the protection and preservation of Kona typica coffee and its heritage.

Invitation to Meetings and Events

All associate members are invited to participate in any and all meetings and events of KCFA.


  • Any individual who supports 100% Kona coffee and the KCFA’s Mission.
  • An Associate member may be located in any region of the world, and is invited to participate in all meetings and events of the KCFA.
  • Associate members may not vote or serve as a KCFA Officer.  Associates may serve as Board Members.


  • Individual - $25/year
  • Lifetime - $750

New Members

Interested in becoming a member of KCFA? By joining, you become a part of a community of Kona coffee farmers working to protect and promote the heritage of Kona coffee.

Existing Member

If you're already a member, log into your account to renew your membership, access resources and information, and register for events and mcuh more.