May 2023 The Independent Voice

Message from President Mark Petersen, HDOA Board of Ag Approves CBB Biocontrol, EVENT: How do Organic Farmers Deal with CLR?, Priaxor Sec. 18 Renewed, Ag Census- Important, Volunteer Needed!, KCFA Wants to Know, El Nino Likely to Develop this Summer, Avocado Virtual Workshop, Colehour Bondera Advocating 100% Kona Coffee Internationally, Women Leadership in Specialty Coffee Soars in Brazil, Social History of Kona, June Event: Mister Blower & Chainsaw Maintenance, Robusta Cannot Save Future Coffee, SCA White Paper on Value of Specialty Coffee Cuppers, Study: Coffee Consumption and Blood Pressure, Fairtrade International Make Historic Raise to Coffee Prices, Pacific Coffee Research Wins at Good Foods Foundation Ceremony, CBB/CLR Subsidy Program, Salute to Business Member – CONZUMABLES and Recipe – Coffee Marinade for Fajitas