Kona Coffee Farmers Association

KCFA is an organization of small coffee farmers, chartered to support the Kona coffee growers community and to promote and protect 100% Kona coffee.

Since 2006, KCFA has amplified the voices of small independent Kona coffee growers on the issues most important to their success.

Advocacy of 100% Kona Coffee

KCFA represents the interests of small independent 100% Kona coffee farmers to the Hawaii governor, its administration, and to the Hawaii Legislature advocating for clear, accurate package labeling. We also guard against the fraud of 100% Kona coffee by championing greater purity amounts of 100% Kona if used in a coffee blend.

We also represent those same interests to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to encourage stronger regulations that are favorable to Kona coffee farmers, Kona coffee consumers, and the environment.

Education & Resources

KCFA takes care of its members with numerous seminars and resources to enhance the quality of our crops, increase farming efficiencies, and preserve the methods and rich traditions of Kona coffee growers.

Spreading the Word

Members receive additional exposure and sales opportunities through KCFA promotions and sponsored marketing programs. Our goal is to make sure the world knows Kona coffee, its unique story, and its aromatic and sweet taste in your cup.

United We Stand

By sharing information and methods, protecting and promoting Kona coffee heritage, and joining our voices to push for needed legislative reform, KCFA strives to create better experiences for both member farmers and consumers.