October 2015 – The Independent Voice

Message from President Tom,Weather Recorder – Bob Smith , CBB Expert Luis Aristizabal, Mahalo to Kona’s Target Store Management, Kudos to Kamehameha Schools, Farm Practices and Flooding Mitigation, Legislative Update, Scammer Alert, Farmer-to-Farmer Program, Heat Sealer Elements, Space Coffee, Caution: May be Harmless if Swallowed, Coffee Grounds Turned into Energy in London,
Recipe: Kona Chicken
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KCFA Expired Member Renewal Appeal

9.25.2015-Membership Chair Donna Meiners sent out an appeal for past Members and Supporters to renew, below: Aloha Kona Coffee Farmers Association past Members and Supporters, My name is Donna Meiners and last Spring, I became the volunteer Membership Chairman for our Association. In KCFA, I found an organization that truly supports the small farmer: watching…

September 15, 2015 – Board Meeting Minutes

KONA COFFEE FARMERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, September 15, 2015 CTAHR Conference Room, Kainaliu Board Members Present:  Tom Butler, Anita Kelleher, Bruce Corker, Kurt Schweickhard, Colehour Bondera, Chris Coleman, Judy Schuman, Suzanne Shriner, Cea Smith, Allan Wang 100% Kona Coffee provided by Suzanne Shriner.  Thank you. Coffee next month:  Chris Coleman Call to Order at…