Pruning Workshop Handout

Pruning Coffee – Bob Smith and Bob Nelson Friday-January 22, 2016 “COFFEE TALK” Presentation 9am WHY:  Coffee trees require yearly pruning to remove unproductive branches and to make space for new vigorous growth.  Coffee verticals have a growth cycle of 3 years.  Maximum production is achieved the 3rd year. Growth thereafter is on a…

December 2015 – The Independent Voice

Message from President Tom, The Heritage Committee Report,Dealing with Dengue Fever, Legislative Update, “Why Should I Join The KCFA?”, Unlicensed Farm Contractor Barred, Agritourism for Small Farm Operations, Coffee Fixes Liver Damage, CBB Research Update, Hawaiian Airlines serving “Kona Coffee”?, How Coffee became a Carcinogen…

November 9, 2015 17th Annual Coffee and Art Stroll

Over 2,500 visitors and local folks enjoyed Saturday’s Coffee & Art Stroll in Holualoa Village as part of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. During the 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. event in the historic, upcountry town, 650 people cast their votes for the “People’s Choice” award for their favorite Kona coffee. The top honors went…

Aloha Coffee Service-Monthly

   ALOHA Coffee Service for MONTHLY Board Meetings          1 Pump Pot Brewed Coffee and Cups, please   February____________________________________________________________________ March______________________________________________________________________ April________________________________________________________________________ May________________________________________________________________________ June________________________________________________________________________ July________________________________________________________________________ August______________________________________________________________________ September__________________________________________________________________ October_____________________________________________________________________ November___________________________________________________________________ December___________________________________________________________________ Mahalo

November 2015 – The Independent Voice

Message from President Tom, Is Coffee More Complex than Wine, Legislative Update, Coffee – the Unlikely Health Elixir, Coffee Value to be Based on Green Bean rather than Parchment, Even Honeybees Love Coffee!, The Perfect Blend: Intellectual Exchanges and Coffee, Kona Coffee Growers Enjoying Year’s Bumper Crop, KCFA Stickers for your Coffee Bags, Disappointing Kona Blend at another Luxury Oahu Resort, KCFA Annual Meeting Coming up in January, Truth in Labeling? Spruce up your KFCA Listing for Christmas Sales, Coffee Flour, Ripeness and Taste Article, Recipe: Ham Steaks with Red Eye Gravy
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