Ahead of the 2022 Election, KCFA sent questionnaires to candidates running for office in Hawaii. These responses have been provided by the candidates and have not been edited or transcribed by us. KCFA is non-partisan. We do not endorse candidates, and these responses are for voter education only.

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U.S. Congressional District 2
Joe Akana
Patrick P. Branco
Nicole Gi
Steven B. Sparks
Brendan Schultz
Jill Tokuda (did not respond)

Hawaii Governor
Duke Aiona
Vicky Cayetano
Josh Green
Kaialiʻi Kahele

Hawaii Lt. Governor
Keith Amemiya
Ikaika Anderson
Sylvia Luke
Seaula Jr. Tupa’i

Hawaii State Legislature
David Tarnas (District 8)
Nicole Lowen (District 7)
Jeanné Kapela (District 5)

Hawaii County Council
Colehour Bondera
Michelle Galimba
Dr. Holeka Inaba