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Agriculture Related Information

On March 30, Westpac Wealth Partners will be presenting a talk to KCFA members.

“The focus of WestPac Wealth Partners centers on our clients’ vision for their future to create a lasting impact on their wealth potential. Uniquely positioned to offer our clients access to one of the most comprehensive financial product platforms available today, WestPac Wealth Partners envisions and enhances our clients’ goals through purposed macro-management, informed financial education, and experienced asset servicing solutions.”

They have given presentations to other farmers and this seems like a good opportunity to learn more about finances and present your questions to a professional.

Items which may be covered include:
-Succession Planning and Business Continuity
-Tax Planning and Section 199A
-Estate Planning
-Family Business Planning
-The Secure Act and how it Changes Retirement Plans
-Business Valuation
-Any other related topics we want to include

The date will be March 30, Count on being there!