Meeting via Zoom Because of Coronavirus

January 31, 2021

Call to Order: 3:10 pm
Welcome and Introduction: Board President Colehour Bondera welcomed participants, reviewed Zoom procedures, announced that there was a quorum participating in the meeting, and introduced the current serving Board members.

Approval of Minutes from 2020 AGM Meeting: M/S/C for approval

Review of 2020:

Colehour Bondera described the restructuring of the committees to better reflect the mission of the KCFA; thanked Clare Wilson for her work as editor of the “Independent Voice”, the KCFA monthly newsletter; thanked the many members who have supported out mission and goals—including the protection of our heritage crop and its Kona Typica varietal’s flavor profile; and reviewed the progress of the program started with an initial HDOA grant to support farmers economically during the pandemic by purchasing green coffee from members and marketing that coffee under the KCFA label.

Membership Committee Chair Chet Gardiner reported that KCFA membership has held its own during the past year despite COVID.  He encouraged current members to recruit new members, especially new coffee farmers.  Chet also noted that the 2020 KCFA Coffee EXPO was not held because of COVID, but that the EXPO will be held this spring—hopefully, as an actual event at the Rodeo Grounds, but if not, then virtually.

Treasurer Jim Monk thanked Jenine Boido for her bookkeeping work on behalf of the organization and reported that the KCFA ended the year with approximately $42,000 in assets.  Largely because of the effects of COVID the total assets were down by about $7,000 because of income declines from lower merchandise sales and other income sources. In 2021 we will need to increase income.

Legislative Committee Chair Bruce Corker reported that both KCFA’s major legislative objectives—51% minimum for Hawaii coffee blends and extension and funding for the HDOA’s CBB subsidy program—made good progress in the 2020 Legislative Session.  However, our bills (along with most other pending bills) died when the Legislature essentially shut down in late March because of COVID.  He also noted the 2021 Session may be more challenging for these measures because two of the Legislature’s strongest supporters of coffee farmers (Representative Richard Creagan and Senator Russell Ruderman) retired after the 2020 Session.

Education Committee Chair John Koontz reported that he had hoped to have more hands-on workshops for members on topics like pruning and suckering—but that he is working with Chet Gardiner to make available videos of workshops on these topics from prior years.  He described KCFA’s series of Zoom presentations this fall on CLR and methods to combat this new coffee disease with presentations from representatives from HDOA, CTAHR, and PBARC.  With the hope for in-person workshops later this year, John asked members to send suggestions for workshop and seminar topics.


Looking Forward to the 2021 Year:

Colehour Bondera reviewed objectives and goals for KCFA in the coming year: a return to past levels of fundraising and social events; development of a strategic plan for the organization; expansion of the Green Coffee Purchase Program; develop a more active exchange with Kamehameha Schools on a range of issues, including feral coffee and CLR; broaden educational workshop opportunities for members; expand support for organic farmers; consideration of hiring an executive director for the KCFA; active involvement of the membership in giving testimony to the Legislative committees in support of coffee related bills such as the 51% minimum for blends–and using the opportunity this year to give live testimony via Zoom because of the pandemic;

Nominations Committee Report: Bruce Corker, Chair of the Ad Hoc Nominations Committee, reviewed the work of the committee to recruit candidates for nomination to the KCFA Board of Directors, and he requested each of the nominated candidates to introduce themselves and their objectives for the organization. The nominated candidates were Kay Dixon, Chet Gardiner, Shamira Linnett, Jim Monk, Mark Petersen, Suzanne Shriner, Cea Smith, and Franz Weber.

Determination of the Number of Board Members for 2021:  Pursuant to By-Laws Section V.1.2, Colehour Bondera asked the Annual Meeting to determine the number of Directors for the 2021 year.  John Zulkowdki moved, and Jim Monk seconded, to set that number at 13.  The motion carried.

Election of Board Members: John Zulkowski moved, and Jim Monk seconded, a motion to accept all 8 Board candidates by acclimation. The motion carried.

Wrap Up/Conclusion: Colehour Bondera thanked all for participating in the 2021 Annual General Meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm.

–Submitted by Bruce Corker, Secretary