KCFA Guarantee Seals – Roll of 1000


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The Guarantee

The Kona Coffee Farmers Association certification seals may only be used by members in good standing who attest to the following:

  1. All coffee must be grown within the borders of North and South Kona Districts, also known as the Kona Coffee Belt, on the island of Hawaii.
  2. All coffee must meet the State of Hawaii’s Green Coffee Grading Standards as adopted under Chapter 147, Hawaii Revised Statutes.
  3. If used on packaging, all coffee in the package must be 100% roasted Kona.

An audit trail of processing and packaging activity is available for inspection and supports requirements 1 through 3.

We encourage all qualifying members to take advantage of the 100% Kona Coffee Seal Program. It’s helpful to consumers and support the branding and interests of KCFA member farmers offering 100% Kona coffee.

NOTE: $5 of the price covers the shipping cost. The seals will be mailed to your address listed here in the store.

These seals may only be purchased by KCFA Voting Members and certain restrictions apply. You must be logged with to your active Voting Member account to purchase KCFA Guarantee Seals.

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