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Visit a Kona Coffee Farm

When you visit the Big Island, come visit a working KCFA member farm! Experience the beauty, tradition, and history that is unique to Kona coffee growers.

You’ll learn how coffee is grown, smell the sweet coffee blossoms, see the bright red coffee cherries ripening on the plants, and watch the production process from picking to roasting, depending on the time of the year.

Some growers offer on-site accommodations for a peak coffee experience. Imagine waking up in a world of the sights, sounds and fragrance of freshly roasted Kona coffee!

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Meet Our Members

Growing Kona coffee is a labor of love. It’s a passion (some might say an obsession) to grow the world’s most famous coffee bean. From an enthusiast with an acre to a family-run 5 acre coffee farm, KFCA supports the mission of the collective and stands behind each unique farmer.

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