HDOA- New Pest Advisory

Lobate Lac Scale HDOA-Paratachardina pseudolobata NPA Red The host range of lobate lac scale, Paratachardina lobata, in southern Florida, species arranged by plant family.HDOA-LobateLS host list by family2

Trap Effectiveness- July 16, 2012

A study released on July 11, 2012 regarding ¬†“preliminary investigation on trap response and alternate hosts” study of the Coffee Berry Borer is here: https://konacoffeefarmers.org/forums/topic/the-coffee-berry-borer-hypothenemus-hampei-invades-hawaii-preliminary-investigations-on-trap-response-and-alternate-hosts/

CBB Talk Story Notes of 06/21-KCFA

From the KCFA’s Pest and Disease Committee CBB is a relatively new bug to Kona, but has been studied extensively for several decades in other regions.¬† While new products come on the market all the time, we recommend farmers investigate the scientific validity of each before investing significant time or money in unproved methods.¬† Proper…

Balancing pest risk with cost of control when using Beauveria bassiana for Coffee Berry Borer Control

Balancing pest risk with cost of control when using Beauveria for CBB June 7 Hollingsworth for KCFA¬† (Click previous to view. Large file) Power Point Presentation given by Dr. Robbie Hollingsworth at the Kona Risk¬†Management¬†School on June 7th, 2012. ¬†Lots of great photos and data. Mahalo to Dr. Hollingsworth and his staff for¬†allowing¬†us to reproduce…